Posted on Aug 14, 2018
President Peter Hynes welcomed Tom to present to us, all about his International Youth Science Forum.
Tom was one of 500 students from around the world.
He presented a number of Highlights of his trip.
  1. Getting to meet Mark Miodownik. He is a British Materials Scientist, Engineer, Broadcaster and Writer at University College London. Click his name. Tom noted the use of plastics and added the comment working with it not wasting it.
  2. Scientific Communication and Batteries – The lastest technology surrounding it.
  3. Meeting Astro Physics Professor Ken Brown who talked about the Luna Rover, particularly how it was designed and how it was meant to work to do the experiments.
  4. The National Space Research Centre where they did a master class on Space physics and Gravity. Also comets and how they might be the basis of life on earth.
  5. The exercise to build a “rocket”. Tom’s group’s rocket was one of the best staying up over 6 seconds. Tom did explain the time and materials were limited.
Toms concluding remarks were “I still like material science”
Questions covered Comets, life, the rocket, the other students and the rover.
Lots of interesting chatter followed.
President Peter thanked Tom for his presentation.