This delightful gathering began with a warm welcome from Telsa, always the perfect hostess. A lovely selection of entrees was provided with lots of happy chat and a “punch” or two.

We continued on to the Furlan’s, only “500” metres down the road. Burchie wanted to know who did the measuring! The Furlan family welcomed us to their beautiful home. They had prepared a lovely main meal for us, Steak Diane, Sri Lankan Chicken curry and accoutrements.

After dinner Mark and Nicole told us about the plans to bring a group of 30 youngsters, (the HME Zimbabwe Choir) to Victoria for a “musical” tour. Club members were able to offer lots of advice on handling the tour.

Our final stop was at the Kavenagh's. We were welcomed by a large clan of cats. President Judy cut the cake in honour of Rotary International’s 110th birthday. A lovely selection of desserts were on offer to members.

Some Rotarians were seen raiding the snake bowl and contorting their faces for some while after. A wonderful evening of fellowship and fun for all. Many thanks to our hosts and hostesses.