Posted on May 10, 2022
This week we were fortunate enough to have Guest Speaker PP Graham Hobbs join us, sharing his knowledge about Invertor, printer, journalist, and Mayor of Geelong in 1854-1856 James Harrison.
What an interesting man he was.
But as Chairperson Ian made comment, Graham must come back at some time and share the Life of Graham, he is involved with and very passionate about so many things.
James Harrison, being one of them, and yes, we have a bridge named after him.
James was born in Scotland in 1816 and had a life of extraordinary achievement.
Harrison invented refrigeration, and as Graham said, can you imagine today not being able to have a cold beer?
It has been a passion of Grahams to build a museum here in Geelong to recognise our famous inventors.
Our members got quite involved with so many ideas on where is could be, but as Graham shared with us it is a huge financial commitment and as soon as the word museum is mentioned, it doesn’t happen.
Such a shame as so much history is being stored in many different places, waiting to find a home for all our community to enjoy.
Seems like a wonderful Rotary project to me.
Some members might remember the history tour we did of the Geelong East cemetery a few years ago, I would suggest if you haven’t it is very much worth it.
This is the actor that played James Harrison. Quite a resemblance don’t you think.
Thank you, Graham, for giving a most interesting presentation and sharing your time with us.