Foundation (David):
Community (Daryl):
Membership (John S for Chris):
Committees: Reports as follows –
Foundation (David):
 Approval in the pipeline for a shelterbox fundraising day at Oberon High School.
 R.A.M. – need to select a village to adopt, one of 8000-9000 in PNG. $1500 will buy
200 mosquito nets for 500 people.
 Matching grant – will investigate possibility of a project to join online.
 Dogs at Beckley Park – Peter H enquired and they will get back to him with details.
 Will need to fundraise closer to Xmas to cover our costs.
Community (Daryl):
 Raised garden beds no longer needed at Tannoch Brae Retirement Hostel
 Literary trolley will be made for South Geelong Primary before school resumes from the
Sept. break.
 Still awaiting a business plan from Nash for his project funding.
 Hat Day for Rotary Health – possibility of a Mexican evening.
Fund-Raising and Fellowship (Murray): probability of the following BBQ’s/fundraisers -
 Ford Show and Shine
 Xmas Party for CoGG
 Woolworths Torquay; Nov, Jan, Easter
 Diversitat Staff Xmas Party
 Bloke’s Day Out, March
 Xmas Puddings/cakes
 Ballarat South RC Car Raffle
Membership (John S for Chris):
 Rotary advertising brochure coming soon
 Asked for ideas from other clubs visited recently