Pres Daryll welcomed us to his workplace and introduced the Store Manager Joseph Dalziel.

Joseph Dalziel

National Tiles is a leading Retailer in Victoria, NSW and SA.


Ceramic — traditional fired clay that is then painted and fired again. Because the tiles are cut before glazing their size can vary by 1% on each edge.
Porcelain — traditional fired clay with a digitally printed patted printed before a second firing. Edges are trimmed after firing for uniform size.
Uncoated Porcelain — the colour is impregnated throughout the original fired tile.
Polished Porcelain— 2 mm colour coat that is fired on the polished and sealed.
Natural Stone — Travertine sedimentary stone which is sliced to tile-size and the imperfections ‘bogged’ with matching grout.
Timber-look — digitally printed tiles printed with a woodgrain on plank-shaped tiles.
You can have any colour — as long as it is grey!


Joseph showed us the essential tiling tools; notched trowel, grout press, spacers and levelling systems.
JOSEPH generously answered the questions of the Rotarians and Guests.
Someone asked the Diana Fisher question: Does it come in other colours?