Posted on May 02, 2021
Another great evening spent together enjoying a Work Place Visit at Fort Queenscliff.
Twenty-four members partners and friends gathered at the fort at 6pm, where we were met by our guide who explain the workings of the fort in the past and today.
Interesting fact were shared regarding, when the fort was built in 1860, how the first shot in WW1 was fired from that location, also, the part the fort played in mail deliveries at that time to the Western part of Victoria.
We heard about tea dances at the weekend in the drill hall for some relaxation for the solders, and to meet the lovely ladies of Queenscliff, to a cannon fire demonstration in 1988 that broke all the window around the parade ground and left a few VIP being blown from their seats, but so much more as well.
Today the fort is the military record centre for Australia. Up until 9 -11 the fort was open to the public to come and go as they pleased, bringing picnics to share overlooking the bay, but as many things did, unfortunately that has changed now.
Thanks to Telsa for organising this great evening, well done.