President Daryll invited PE Peter Kavenagh to speak about ShelterBox.
ShelterBox Australia ‘sells’ about 1000 boxes per year for about $1m and schedules them for distribution either directly from its own organisation or (mostly) through International NGOs and charities involved in International Aid works.
About 30% of the boxes are purchased by Australian Rotary Clubs or its members.
Over sixteen years ShelterBox Australia has allocated $14m worth of boxes.
The program is now recognised worldwide and is supported by Rotary International.
Each green box has survival equipment for up to ten persons; shelter in the form of tents or tarpaulins, cooking equipment and blankets or sleeping equipment.
Every shipment of one hundred kits contains one red box containing equipment for a primary school.
There is a constant need for the boxes for Syrian displaced persons in Syria and the country’s neighbours.
Three hundred were sent to Sri Lanka.
Ongoing wars in Cameroon and Nigeria create demand in Africa.
Early this year our Club purchased another kit — Number 14721. It has not yet been deployed.