<p>Sarah introduced us to Salamanca Primary School last year and gave us a brief introduction to the school again telling us where it was; the island of Negros which is a boat trip from Cebu one of the main cities in the Philippines. </p> <p>Sarah then pointed out that since then the principal had “passed away” from Hepatitis D.  Because her <em>field is virology she was able to reassure the community of the safety of continuing to keep the school</em> open as it was not a readily contagious disease.  She had some photos of the new school principal.</p> <p>Sarah had a photo of her along with our box of books and supplies that was sent last year and conveyed the absolute delight that staff expressed with its arrival.  Although delivering a volley ball without a volleyball net was an oversight. </p> <p>                      </p>


<p>Sarah then talked about the books that the school contained with a picture of the book shelves and her belief that to supply more books would positively impact on the education of the students.  She thought that it could be possible to deliver “pre-loved” books that would have that positive impact. </p> <p> Sarah suggested books for ages 3 to 15 years of age would be the most suitable.  Story books and books for basic education would be best and if they were the glossy type then they may survive the humidity best. This then could become a regular event maybe each 6 months.  The cost last year was only $85 to send the box. </p> <p> There were a number of questions following Sarah’s presentation with a number of good ideas coming forth eg. that we send a box of shoes (sandals).  Another idea was to have an award or even something like a scholarship that would encourage an advanced student or students to move on to secondary school with that scholarship support. </p> <p>Sarah does have a close connection with this area as her grandparents live there.                </p>