‘Salamanca Elementary School in the Philippines.
Sarah discussed her connection to this isolated village where her mother lived before moving to Australia some 30 years ago.

Over this time Sara’s mother and the family have always supported family and others in the village with regular care packages! Sarah became interested in the small school and was shocked that many children do not go on to complete high school education in this area and many do not attend regularly the primary school campus.

Sara’s goal is to ensure that the children attending receive a ‘quality’ education starting with resources. With the help our club Sara was able to deliver a gift of sporting equipment and some stationary supplies when she visited.

The children and the teachers were overwhelmed with these donations badminton sets, volley balls, football etc.

Sarah passed on the thanks from the school and how much they appreciated the help.

The next project Sara is concentrating on will be books to ensure all the children have exposure to as much resource as possible and will pass on any details in the future.

A beautiful story and a wonderful school judging by the below picures