Robin Hunt welcomed Ainsley to the rostrum and noted that of course she needed no introduction to members.
ImageAinsley’s eyes shone with happy memories as she showed a musical slide show of her year in Germany and surrounds, Host families and close friends, summer music festival, large cities visited, hiking and tandem biking, cooking Aussie food, snow-boarding holidays, castles, Euro trip, Oktoberfest and a fast Porsch car ride (which was very safe). She wore her Exchange jacket which was so heavy with metal it’s a wonder she passed through customs.
Beneath she wore a delightful traditional German costume, and proudly displayed a scrapbook of mementos - ticket stubs, pamphlets and pictures of her time abroad. Ainsley said there were no words to express her gratitude to our club; she loved the exchange and although there were hard times, these made you appreciate the good times. She now suffers from reverse culture shock!!
Peter Kavenagh spoke of “Promoting International Understanding and Goodwill”, a part of the Student Exchange Program presentation, and also a part of the Rotex program on the student’s return. He pointed out what a shining example of this program Ainsley had proven to be. She showed self-confidence, intelligence, joy and passion, and couldn’t speak highly enough of her experiences. Her slide show, accompanying music and anecdotes were 1st class.