Posted on Jul 10, 2018
SAA Simon — Simon welcomed everyone and offered a vote of thanks to Zoe Waters for the access to the Andrew Love venue. And offered the Invocation
Chairman Judy — She then introduced our Students
Tom — Current NYSF student Tom gave an update on the upcoming trip to London for the International Youth Science Forum (IYSF). He is really looking forward to it and He hopes to meet material scientist, Mark Miodownik. He will tell us all about it when he returns.
Alex — next gave us an update on his application which is that he is waiting on an invite to an interview which we believe will be in August.
Anthony — He took to the lectern with a few slides to give us a day by day description on this recent trip to Canberra for Rotary Adventures in Citizenship (RAIC)
  • Sunday. He got to be the “Mace” man in a mock demo of parliament.
  • Monday. Learnt about the role of the press and the lockup on budget week. Meet the president of the Senate and House of Reps. Saw the high court and had a debate on the Vietnam War
  • Tuesday. Discussions with Senator Claire Moore and learnt how the Senate works.
  • Wednesday. Had his picture taken with Senator Pauline Hanson and noted it was the 30th anniversary of the opening of Parliament house, saw the National Library, the war museum and Duntroon College.
  • Thursday. They had to prepare a 90 second speech. (SEE example below) He got to see the institute of sport and met his local Member of Parliament, Honorable Richard Marles and saw question time in the House of Representatives.
  • Friday. Saw the USA embassy and went to the Foreign Affairs Department and met the Honorable Julie Bishop.
  • Saturday with a heavy heart he returned home but carried some amazing memories and a great education on politics.
Claire — She talked on the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA). She talked about an awesome week of team building activities. She said the other people with her were also an extraordinary group of people. She didn’t want to elaborate on the activities as she was advised to maintain the “Mystery” of the event but certainly wanted to reinforce the fact that RYLA was an incredible week and that she has transformed from a very quiet person to a confident person.
She confided with us that had she known what was involved she would not have gone but having gone she would do it again. She loved it.
President Peter — He thanked all the presenters noting the wonderful programs we have in Rotary.