What an interesting presentation we had on Tuesday evening from Natalia Proshchenko.

Natalia is from Ukraine and has many family members living near the front line of the war with Russia.
We heard about Natalia’s Ukraine. It is the second largest country in Europe after Russia.
It’s favourite holiday pastime is painting eggs, and Natalia said that is where the tradition of egg painting started.
She shared with us the beauty of pre-war Ukraine and a few photos after.
Ukraine had the first University in Eastern Europe, with 47% of woman and 36% holding university degrees.
Also- Read how a Rotary club provided modular housing to a Ukrainian family that lost their home.
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Natalia was Born in Ukraine, where she had an IT business. She also in the past worked for Etihad Airlines and the US Navy in Bahrain. She meet her Australian husband at the airport, where she saw a man looking very lost and she asked if he needed help. And as they say the rest is history.
Now married with 2 children living here in Australia but looking forward to the time they can go back and visit their family.
She said that the feeling of the people is very positive about the outcome of the war.
Thing are improving, when the war started many women and children with sent to the mountain areas for safety. Natalia’s mother sister and niece and nephew were among those sent away.
But now they have all returned to their homes. She said the drones are still a big issue. But everyone is very happy with what Australia is doing to help the people of Ukraine and I think we all agreed it is such a sad situation.