A great night was held on Friday 27th to have some fun and raise
some money for a very important cause, Men’s Health.
We had a few Mo Bro’s on Zoom plus some Mo Girls as well, doing their bit. Trivia questions, raffles and auctions.
Final amount raised hasn’t been confirmed yet but the total will be a few hundred dollars.
As soon as the numbers are in, they will be printed in next week’s Bollard. Well done and thank you to some of the guys that stopped shaving for a month to spread the word about men’s health.  
Thanks everyone for helping to raise money for MOVEMBER.
The final figures raised from Members, Family and Friends was $775.00, and a large part of that was raised by Mick Toohey, member Telsa Stubna son- in- law.
Well done Mick. As you can see Mick had quite a beautiful beard happening there, but shaved it off to raise $540 for men’s health,
Great effort!