Was the topic of our Speaker presentation and we heard from health professional Cassie McColl.

Cassie graduated from Deakin Uni has a Bachelor of Nursing with Post Graduate studies in Mental Health. She has worked In an Acute
Inpatient unit for 6years also on a Community Psychiatric health team which included Children and adolescent mental health and was also the Senior Psychiatric nurse at Barwon Prison. What an amazing resume for someone so young.
Cassie was introduced by President Ian and throughout her presentation the passion for what she does shines through.
Cassie spoke about the different areas of Mental Health that is mostly caused from a chemical imbalance in the brain, causing issues like
• Anxiety disorder
• Depression
• Bipolar,
• Schizophrenia,
• Eating disorders,
• Disruptive behaviour
• Dissocial disorders.
Statistics show that 42.9% or 8.6 million people in Australia have experienced a mental disorder at some time.

Cassie said people don’t realise it is a sickness, as any other form of sickness is and needs to be recognised in the same way. There is still prejudice from lack of understanding.

Be kind and don’t be judgmental is Cassie’s advice.

Lift the lid on Mental Health