There were three speakers for the meeting introduced by RD9780 Bowelscan Committee Chairman PP Graeme Hawkins.

Ms Kimberley Rice

Kimberley is a member of the District Bowelscan Committee and a theatre nurse working in the colorectal surgery area. Kimberley is committed to the campaign because she lost her father to the disease.
Her advice to “Take the Test” is featured on the Bowelscan 2016 television advertisements that will be shown throughout Regional Victoria on WIN TV.
Kimberley showed photos of the surgeons at work and demonstrated a clever machine that cut (sections) bowel portions and stitches up the remaining tissue as well as playing the proposed TV advertisements.

Mr David Wardell

Colorectal and General Surgeon attending Barwon Health, St John of God and (soon) Epworth Geelong Hospitals.
He showed videos and still photos of a colonoscopy procedure and the removal of polyps known to be the precursors of cancer.
He also showed videos of a cancer tumour being removed from the bowel using keyhole surgery.

Ms Jenny Naughtin

Jenny is a survivor of rectal cancer but leads a difficult life with a colostomy apparatus for the rest of her life.
Her plight is especially poignant as she lost her brother Pat Naughtin to bowel cancer three years ago.
Pat campaigned tirelessly on behalf of the Bowelscan Committee for a year or so after he had been given a terminal diagnosis.
She spoke knowingly of the need for everyone to Take the Test.
Bowelscan Committee Chairman Graeme informed the meeting participants that 2016 is a new era for RD9780 Bowelscan campaign.
This year Rotary will be selling a new-style and more accurate immunological test.
It is more expensive — $15 c.f. $10 previously — but the improved accuracy means that the advice is for most people to use the test every two years c.f. one year previously.
Bowelscan Test Kits will be available from all pharmacies during May and Graeme exhorted all members of all Rotary Clubs to Take the Test AND Get Someone Else to Take the Test.
The Test saves lives every year.