Peter Hynes introduced Snr Sergeant Tony Francis who has served in the police force for 27 Years. 18 months ago he started on the ICE journey of trying to minimize it in the Geelong area.
The Govt cannot fix the problem on its own, neither can the Health system, nor can the Police. It needs to be a joint effort of the three mentioned plus the community all working together.
ICE is a behavioral changer, usually leads to violence. It makes you feel like superman. 6% of Australians use drugs the highest in the world.
A hit on ICE is cheaper then alcohol which is taxed heavily. 1/10 gram sells for $50 to $60. It will give you 12 Hours of good time.
Let our town reach its full potential and prevent this ugly drug’s devastation. Our town’s ICE FIGHT. There’s no place for ICE.
Many questions were asked of Tony and ICE. We all learned more than we previously knew about ICE.
Chairman Peter thanked Tony for his informative presentation and presented him with a memento of his visit to our Club.
Peter Hynes then handed back to Pres Judy.