Jo explained the activities for the night having the teams made up from the four tables –The Whittens, The Richards, The Abletts and The Colemans – each team selected a captain for the table and Umpires Judy and Murray and official Scorer Simon were introduced as the first quarter round of games began.

The team colour game saw the winner John S using science and lung capacity and scored the first quarter win for the Whittens.

The second quarter of Handball tested the skills of all and challenged the umpire’s decision making.

Half time break and a quick hydration check moved us into the third quarter of "celebrity heads" 

Scores were totalled as we moved into the final quarter of theme songs with some amazing renditions of football songs.

The tally on the scoreboard proved the Whittens the winners and the team of John S, David, Chris and Jane were presented with consumable medals.

Brian was also declared the winner of Barefoot Bowls and was given his long awaited trophy

Jo thanked her amazing team and shared the fun of organising the nights events and President Telsa also thanked the fun committee for such an entertaining night