His keen interest in helping others led to his position as CEO Do Care, a NFP Home and Community Care group with 33 years history in Geelong and now located in High St, Belmont.

Rod addressed the following: Healthy but aging population at risk of isolation

·         Significant progress in medical science so people living longer

·         Social isolation leads to premature death, Do Care seeks to fill the gap

·         300 clients in Geelong , aged over 65 but independent & in own homes

·         Do Care provides planned activities, bus trips, home assistance

·         300 trained volunteers who get just as much satisfaction as their clients

·         1 on 1 visitation program, often weekly, plus planned activity groups

·         2013 5pp of working age/person over 65; 2050 will escalate to 2.7 pp w.age/>65

·         Slow economic growth rates, fewer people paying tax

·         Predict by 2050 almost 5million Australians will have dementia

Hoping to implement new Home Share program where older folk own their home but share with young person, who in turn shares a few hours of time each day. Will be linked to Deakin’s Medical Course to suggest applicants. Also hope to partner with Waurtherong to develop HCC Program. Shortage of affordable housing in Geelong, 2 major Tertiary Institutes so perfect place to trial the program.