What a great District Governor visit on Tuesday night.
As you all saw Ian is a very friendly man who cares very much about clubs big and small. He also was impressed with how friendly and welcoming we all were to himself and wife Sherril. Thank you, AG Chris, for making the time to spend the night with us also.
We welcome you all back whenever you have the time.
Well, I think we managed to spring a few surprises on the night.
Congratulations firstly to Brian Burch on receiving a letter from Rotary International President Gordon McInally in recognition of over 40 years of service to Rotary. Well-deserved Brian, with many more to come.
Secondly congratulations to Judy Eyles on receiving her Sapphire Paul Harris Pin. You are a tireless worker who just gets it done, thank you Judy.
Lastly but by no means least, Jo White. Not sure where to start. Jo, not sure if ever slowing down is in your blood, your energy and enthusiasm is never ending. What you do for our club, its members and especially me is above and beyond. I thank you very much. Your work over a long time certainly makes you a most worthy recipient of The Royce Abbey Award. Congratulations and well-done Jo.
How nice was it to welcome Cath Murphy into Bayside.
Cath is a lovely, caring, and friendly person who will enhance Bayside Geelong in all our projects.
Cath is very passionate about the environment and will be a great help to Aileen, I’m sure.
It was great that her partner Colin was able to make it to Cath’s induction.
Welcome to Bayside Cath.