Daryll started his training to become a Marriage Celebrant in 2004 and his application was approved.
Then because of restrictions in the number of Celebrants in one area at one time, his full application was finally approved in 2006, after applying to the Attorney General with 2 references.
Since that date he has performed 109 Weddings, 5 naming Ceremonies, and 4 Renewal of Vows Ceremonies.
He then became a Council of Churches Chaplin in 2015, and in 2021 Daryll added to his training and became a VCC Emergency Ministries Chaplain, and an Ambulance Victoria Chaplain, Attending Relief Centres, after floods, fire, and tragic accidents supporting SES workers.
He attends Municipal Emergency Meeting with the Geelong Council.
He is a member of the Pandemic Influenza Sub Committee and Deputy Chairman of the Relief & Recovery subcommittee.
He has attended
The Bourke St Massacre
The Peat Fires in the Otway Shire
The Floods in Maribyrnong Council
Storm Damage In Trentham Shire
House Fires in Geelong and Werribee and a Childs Death in the Werribee Shire.

Daryll has four Support Areas for Ambulance Victoria, traveling wherever needed to support the Paramedics in our communities.
A question was asked after Daryll gave a very interesting presentation.
Do you get paid?  The answer was no, he does it because he enjoys it.

Daryll is following in his late Fathers footsteps.
A Chaplin for many years in Geelong, known and loved by many for his service, like his son to many in our community.
Thank you for speaking to us Daryll and also for the work you do, helping to keep the people we rely on to help us when trouble strikes, healthy and well.
I couldn’t imagine what it would be like just trying to find the right words of support for those that have been caught up with a terrible emergency, and I feel it must take a very strong person to do it.