Need to up update CPR training regularly.
We watched video where someone collapsed and as person who found them had no CPR
training and panicked and did most things incorrectly the person could not be revived even
with the arrival of the ambulance.
Take two of the above video where the person on the scene had some knowledge and didn’t
panic, gave basic CPR and with the arrival of the Ambulance the person life was saved.
Remember any CPR is better than no CPR.
Key Points are:
1. Tilt Patient head backwards and ensure throat passage is clear.
2. Pinch nose place your mouth over mouth and breathe into patients mouth twice.
3. Place one hand over breast bone in centre of chest, place other hand on top and
push/pump chest 30 times quickly (2 pumps per second)
4. Keep repeating 2 and 3 above until ambulance arrives.
5. If AED Defribulator available follow instruction to use.