Foundations Report-David Fisher

Vocational Report-Daryl

New Generations-Peter Hynes

Membership/Fellowship - Jo White

Fundraising –John Spiteri

Pres. Telsa asked for Committee’s to form and report back.
Committee Reports:

Foundations Report-David

Reviewed the Budget and will plan accordingly
Reviewed BBQ for joint Fundraising for various programs.

Vocational Report-Daryl

Reviewed a donation for Jirrahlinga
Ken Wilks Awards will now be on the 29th September and preparations are happening now

New Generations-Peter H

Will continue with all our current programs
More focus on the Short Term exchange Program with New Zealand-explained same.
 ‘Fireside’ Chat with past students and friends to consult and brainstorm

Membership/Fellowship - Jo

Discussed proceedings for Xmas in July Social and membership evening-bring a guest.
Ideas such as button badges, bill boards, Polo shirts –anything to stimulate questions about membership and Rotary.

Fundraising –John S

Target is $30,000
Looking at our traditional main income and always checking for other ways we can fund raise i.e. joint ventures with other clubs, other service clubs and organisations.
Documenting the BBQ process for all members to follow