Our Green Queen Aileen informed everyone that last Saturday was the second session of the Protect the Plant Project program.
This month was at the COGG Composting site in Lara.
What a very interesting morning discovering where the contents of our Green Bins go too, after the truck does its fortnightly pick up at your home.
The first stop is to be sorted, yes, I said sorted, I couldn’t believe that my grass clipping and cutting were in need of sorting.
Unfortunately some people don’t understand that glass, plastic and fish don’t qualify for green waste and as they say if it doesn't grow, it doesn't go!
After sorting it then can be delivered to the compost making facility.
When we arrived at Staceys Rd, we were all introduced to our guide Andrew, what an interesting young man he was.
He shared all the fact about making compost.
Did you know that Every year they transform 35,000 tonnes of material from our garden bins into high quality compost, right here in Greater Geelong.
A message to all gardeners, did you know you can purchase this very sweet-smelling compost from different areas in Geelong.
Jump on to the COGG website for more information.

Great day, well organised by the Environment and Sustainability team and a big thank you to Murrells for supplying our minibus and to our driver David White for giving his time and getting us all there and home again safely.