Club Assembly

President  Telsa  acknowledged  Dan’s  frequent  updates on the RI convention and encouragement for members of the club to attend (Thanks Dan) The Bayside Rotary Club  had  a  great  attendance  with  President  Telsa,  PE  Judy,  PP’s  Chris  and Dan plus Peter K and Jane attending. 

Everyone agreed it was an inspiring experience and come back very enthusiastic to move forward in the next Rotary year.    
“What  an  inspiring  time  I  had  at  the  Sydney  Convention.  The  Friendship  Hall  was   bursting with Rotary related exhibits, some of which I thought would be great for Bayside RC to consider.

I really enjoyed helping pack food parcels for the Indigenous communities they were going too and the overseas communities. Dozens of young people  whom  were  also  helping  just  wanted  to  ‘roll  their  sleeves’  and  get  the  job  done- truly inspiring. I did inquire about the possibility of our club being involved in a similar project. 

Some of the National costumes were awesome and I particularly found the information and the project goals of some organisations such as stop hunger now and days for girls particularly interesting and once again something Bayside RC could discuss  and  be  involved  in”