Posted on Feb 14, 2017
On February 14 the Club visited the Geelong East Cemetery for and instructive walk throughout the grounds.
We were led by a costumed actor portraying Captain Foster Fyans, the first representative of legal government in Geelong. Another group of participants was led by James Harrison. Both characters had contributed greatly to the history of Geelong during the 19th Century when the settlement was established (Fyans) and growing to be very wealthy due to the production of Gold in Ballarat and wool in the hinterland (Harrison).
These two actors led a group of confident and competent actors who portrayed various characters from Geelong’s past. We learnt of the origins of many of the social and architectural structures in Geelong and the stories of the people who created them.
Each actor was able to portray his/her story in the first person communicating the joys and tragedies of life in the city.
There is a tour scheduled for 11am Saturday February 25 and each Club member can highly recommend the two-hour tour to you.
When you take the tour you will be in a group that brings the number of attendees during the last fourteen months to 1,000. Congratulations to the Geelong Cemeteries Trust.
The trust was originally established in the 1870s and now cares for eighteen cemeteries extending from Lara to Queenscliff and to Colac.
The trustees and its staff are responsible for the operation and perpetual maintenance of the memorials for all the people buried and the operation of a Crematorium at Armstrong Creek.
To wet your appetite for the tour on February 25 — did you know that: - Read on
To wet your appetite for the tour on February 25 — did you know that:
  • James Harrison is the most famous Geelong son?
  • Howard Hitchcock should be Geelong’s most famous son?
  • Captain Foster Fyans established two Geelong settlements?
  • That maybe the existence of Drysdale is due to the work of a gay couple?
  • John Batman’s widow died in suspicious circumstances in Autumn Street?