Bryan is working up a proposal for an International Water Project in Cambodia to attract firstly a District grant and then a Global Grant from Rotary International.
This is in partnership with the RC of Phnom Penh.
The seed donation sought is $24k from various Rotary Clubs in Australia which will be multiplied at each level of the Grant process.
This seed funding will be comprised of donations of $1k to $2k from each Club.
Cambodia has been a traumatised society; first from the Vietnam War, then the Pol Pot regime and then the Vietnamese invasion.
The goal is to develop clean wells and rainwater storage combined with the education programs directed to the Community to use and maintain the system.
The process will be handled by CAPOD, an International Catholic-based NGO experienced with such programs in the area.
This arrangement will also secure the funds against wastage and corruption.
It is envisaged that such a program will improved hygiene, health and school attendance in the community.