Chairman Jo White introduced Greg Puls, our 2009 KWSOTH award winner and his father Rod. He spoke about a cycling event around the Bay; “Bikes for Bibles”, which raises money through sponsors.

Greg leaves Geelong at 4:30 a.m. meets other riders at Docklands and is then back in Geelong by 12:00. Catches ferry across bay and then cycles to Dromana via Arthurs Seat. He explained some of the setbacks, the fun and the danger in his passionate and positive manner. Greg burns about 4000 calories in the day, nearly twice what we use. He raised $1950 in funds this year. The KWA gave him great exposure. He had opportunity to travel on the Ghan to Ayres Rock and Darwin.

   President Telsa presented a cheque from Bayside in support of “Bikes for Bibles”.

Greg thanked Bayside for the support and explained that he makes the most of what he has. He does the utmost that he is capable of doing at all times, having just been declared legally blind. He added that we have nothing to complain about in Australia. In India Fuel is $3:50 per litre. Rwandan’s get paid $6 per 2 months.