“Great night of fun, 25 of us all together for dinner and catch up. Mark invited an exchange student here from Switzerland plus another Gen Y --

They had a lot of fun plus Jenna joined us as well. Brian told me he won at the end of the evening and where was his trophy??? I will organize something Brian. Be careful what you wish for.:)!

Bev Burch joined the New Gen team for the night- GREAT FUN


President Telsa Stubna: Welcome to members and their guests. Ross Dow, Marilyn Fisher, Andrea Hunt, Sheryl Townsend, Pam Spiteri, Dianne Webb and Carol Burn.

Welcome to New Gen friends: Jenna Quick, Mark Furlan and Guests of Mark, Nora Zarotti inbound Exchange student from Switzerland, currently hosted by Geelong West Rotary Club and rebound exchange student (Switzerland) Michelle Dittloff.

Welcome to Friend of Rotary: Bev Burch.