Chairman Phil Quick introduced Alex Kinross-Smith our student who we sponsored to attend the NYSF in Canberra in 2nd week of January 2015.

Alex felt it was a great preparation for VCE and University.

The highlights of his experience were

The Opening Ceremony,

"Curiosity is one of the best traits of humans."

He studied fossils and had Scientists speak about them.

Also He had dinner with these same scientists and had the opportunity to speak with them one on one over dinner. It opened eyes to wider career choices within science such as Engineers, Archaeologists and IT Scientists.

Companies such as CSIRO were represented. This most impress me - a CSIRO employee!

Some of these sessions were in the Canberra Science dome which was a wonderful setting for the young mind.

President Judy also mentioned that was one in a long line of Students that Bayside has sponsored to attend the NYSF.