Chairman John Virgona introduced our guest Adelle Chenoweth to present her recent trip to South Africa.

Adelle spoke passionately about her time with the children whom were so welcoming and appreciative of the help from 20 Health Science students from Deakin University. 

Involvement included assisting with structuring lessons and offering suggestions in subjects such as sport. Adelle discussed the children’s diet which seemed to lack vegies and fruits but was very high in carbohydrates thus lacking basic nutritional requirements.

It seemed there was much that could be done with the children but it is always dependent of resources and teacher training. Adelle shared how rewarding it was to be able to provide guidance to the teachers and also help in the class room. Adelle thanked RC of Bayside Geelong for the financial donation.

Adelle and many others were able to “buy a plot of land” in Africa for $14.00 to assist the local population- for contribution and further information please go to

Chairman John Thanked Adelle for her informative presentation.