Posted on Jun 12, 2018
Zoe explained that the Andrew Love Centre provides a service for patients attending for their cancer treatments.
There is a large waiting area catering for people waiting for consultations, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and/or ancillary services.
The hospital now has an area known as the Supportive Care Centre which is designed to provide a range of programs to assist the patient to recover and come to terms with their illness. Some of these are:
Support groups for patients and carers
Education sessions
Art therapy
Hand and foot massage
Private spaces to talk with clinicians or volunteers
Network opportunities for patients to meet patients similar to themselves especially at the kitchen and dining space.
Look Good Feel Good program which introduces patients to wigs, makeup and specialist clothing.
Plans stated to have a portable electronic call system so the patient can relax or be involved anywhere in the centre without missing their call to consultation or treatment.
Contract papers and drawings are being circulated now to interested builders to construct Project Love. This includes the construction of a new adjacent pharmacy which will have an increased capacity to prepare cytotoxic mixes for all three hospitals in Geelong and its own consultation rooms for instructing patients.
In answer to a question: Geelong Private Hospital which operates in a building owned by Barwon Health is closing. Barwon Health is presently drawing up scoping plans to use the building.
Present gaps in community healthcare in Geelong include:
Sub-acute mental health — post-natal, youth and eating disorders.
Women’s’ health and treatments
Children’s health and treatments
Pres. Peter K
Thanked Zoe for her tour and the use of the Andrew Love Supportive Care Meeting Room.
He reiterated that Zoe had offered the use of the room on a regular basis for Bayside meetings