Posted on May 23, 2017
The Site Visit to Tenon Joinery was hosted by Robin Hunt, Peter Hynes and Rhys Hunt.
Peter gave the guided tour with relevant input from Robin and Rhys at each station.
Peter explained that TENON is a Commercial Joinery:
It manufactures and installs built-in fixtures to commercial buildings such as schools, universities, offices and hospitals.
Peter showed the Club Members the three basic substrates that are used to manufacture joinery; chipboard, MDF (medium density fibreboard) and ply.
These are purchased as large panels or boards and cut to the necessary shapes in the factory.
Each of these may be used raw or skinned with laminate or veneer.
There are subsets of each including moisture-resistant, chemical resistant and fire-resistant.
Ross Dow made the point the size-for-size PLY has more extension strength than STEEL.



Members then moved to the office.
Robin showed the thirty-page Excel Spreadsheet that is used to generate a cost estimate for each item.
It calculates the number of square-metres and purchase price of product(s) required, the time and wages required to manufacture each item and the volume of the item to allow for transport.


Rhys demonstrated on his computer screen the use of drawing programs used to design an item.
Shop drawings are prepared on Autocad and are submitted to the builder and architect for approval.
After approval is received the drawing is transferred to Cabinet Vision and the computer “nests” the shapes required so that boards are cut with the minimum of wastage.
The cutting arrangements are transmitted to the cutter by internal Ethernet.


The Members moved to the factory and watched the CNC Router in action that cuts individual boards into shape.
TENON’s machine is a BIESSE ROVER-B from Italy.
Rhys activated a program awaiting manufacture and the machine loaded the board automatically.
The “head” of the machine moved in all directions across the board.
Firstly it drilled multiple holes to enable easy application of screws and then proceeded to cut the board into shapes required for the end product.
In this case it was for a retail gondola for a clothing store.
The board is held in place during cutting by two large vacuum pumps drawing the board to the table and withstanding the buffeting of the cutters.
The finished pieces were moved off the cutting table on to a conveyor belt and the machine loaded another sheet for the next session.


Some of the cut pieces are then taken to the Edgebander which applies an ABS (plastic) edge that matches the edge to the laminate surface of the board.
TENON’s Edgebander is a HOLZHER machine from a German company that manufactures them in Austria.


The pieces are then transferred to an Assembly Station where they are joined using glue and screws.
Rhys introduced Members to a partially assembled cupboard.
This will be gift to the Club and is designed to store the Club paraphernalia at our meeting place.
There is a special compartment for the vertical storage of banners and flags that is currently lacking in our current facility.

20th Birthday Celebrations

Club Members repaired to the TENON Staff Lunch Room to celebrate the Club’s 20th year since Charter. Jo White had prepared a supper of hot pastries, fruit and cheese platters, wine and a Birthday Cake.
Pres. Daryll presented a Charter Member Badge to Dan Furlan.
He thanked Peter, Robin and Rhys for the site tour.