Ken who spoke of his experiences over a 1 month Rotary Trip to Kenya

Ken a member of the RC of Vernon British Columbia in Canada is a photojournalist, married with 2 children and some grandchildren who now lives an énviable nomadic’ life of 6 months of the year in Canada and 6 months in Australia.

Due to his academic, and physical background, Ken was invited to go on a month long Rotary Trip to Kenya to act as the videographer, photojournalist and computer technician; a trip which was to check on past Rotary projects and to set up some computer labs and libraries in schools and also look into future projects.

Ken taught us that JAMBO was Swahili for Hello.

First project was to load operating systems on lab computers. If the computers do not work then they are broken down and recycled. Even the plastics are used to make fence posts. Nothing is wasted.

Ken then visited a University and noted many of the books in the library were donated by Rotary.

A visit to OI Pejeta which is a non-profit wildlife conservancy in Kenya supporting endangered species, tourism and community outreach. Then on to a boarding school where only some of the kids had mattresses on their beds. By the time Ken left he had ensured that all beds had mattresses.


Ken also wandered into a classroom and noticed no teacher. So he gave the class an impromptu geography lesson on where Canada was in relation to Nairobi and Kenya. The kids did not want him to leave the classroom.

The hospital in Nairobi services a population of 500,000 and they have only 160 beds.

Nanyuki Orphanage the kids crave attention.

Bridges in Kenya are rated on how many elephants they can support at the one time.

M-Pesa is a bank for those citizens that have no address. It is a very efficient money transfer system via Mobile phone.

Chairman Brian thanked Ken for his presentation and noted that it’s good to visit Rotary Projects overseas and see how successful they really are.