“Richard Dove is the Multicultural Liaison Officer of Melbourne West for the Victorian Police and has been in the Police force for over 24 years.

Richard started his presentation with presentation of the many Banners that he had received whilst on the GSE trip in 2007 and this was kindly received by Pres Telsa and the club.

Richard shared stories of many kind people he met whilst away and how these great experiences introduced him to many cultural  practices that were held in high regard in Russia and Siberia which included the customary warm welcoming of guests with Vodka- this ice breaker seemed to be universal all around the country as was the custom of having ‘Sauna’s’.

This bitterly cold climate did not reflect the warmth of the many individuals and Rotarians that shared parts of their professional and family life with him. This experience left Richard with a great respect and understanding of the life and culture in the cities that they stayed. 

Richard now in his work is the first contact to large migrant groups, refugees, asylum seekers and other minority groups whom find themselves in Australia and his work is to smooth the transition of these peoples in many different ways that the Victorian Police Force would be involved. 

Since GSE Richard has worked on some great projects including “Us Karen” which is a book that was launched and has been very successful. Richard’s work continues with this community but he also has been able to focus on his love of writing and was a winner in a Poetry competition and went to the South of France on a writer’s tour. Richard recited his winning poem to us all and we all agreed it was a fabulous poem.” 

Chairman Jo Thanked Richard for such an entertaining presentation.