Peter H then introduced Alex to talk about his NYSF experience in Canberra in January.
  • The dates Jan 16 to 26
  • Some of last year’s students were on hand to help with lots of enthusiasm and energy.
  • Alex did mention that the buss took 9 hours to get there but choose not to complain when he heard that others took 24 hours to arrive from other parts of Australia
  • Again Alex felt we all needed to know that he arrived in Canberra with 42degrees temperature.
Maybe he needs to study Climate Change (Ed)
  • A photo or two of the accommodation showed that the Experience would be rough!

Parliament House

  • Alex talked about the experience at Parliament house and the mock discussions they have. Groups represented the houses of parliament. Alex did note that the opposition (either side) performed the role of not agreeing to anything!!
  • They did discuss Climate Change and the Science Building
  • They looked at IT apps. Angry Birds was a favourite game for studying. It was fun and taught them about AI (artificial intelligence) Alex did reassure us that AI is not ready to take over just yet.
  • Alex then raised the consequences of these apps and how they relate to instant gratification and delayed gratification

Quantum Commuting

  • Alex said this was very exciting and was indeed very impressed. For those who would like to know more try this you tube link.

Biomedical Engineering Workshop

  • The challenge in this workshop was for students to provide a solution for a person having a hole in the head. What can be used to fill this hole in. eg a Jell or animal product or non living material. Quite a challenge

Robot Workshop

The task in this workshop was to get the robot to draw people. All this while listening to music. Or was it meant to play? Not sure.
  • The CEO of Lockheed/Martin came and spoke to the students. This really I pressed the student. Particularly with all the career advice he had to offer.
When asked about where his life is headed he quickly talked about doing Electronic Engineering He did add that he loved the designing of Computer chop cards.
Judy thanked Alex and wished him all the best in with career.