Posted on May 29, 2018
President Peter Kavemagh: Welcomed Kim Lim who is the mother of Emily and Alex Kinross-Smith who both attended NYSF under the sponsorship of rotary
Kim spoke while demonstrating her techniques on Gordon — an Irish Wolf Hound pup (4 months) who was presented with a limp by her owner Anne McGregor.
Editor:— It seems that Kim had not ever seen this pup prior.

First Kim checked the dog’s gait by observing the dog walking back & forth.
Then she gently moved each limb and each part of each limb to check which joints moved freely and which did not.
Kim checked the flexing and rotation of the neck diagnosing muscles and joints.
Kim checked the health and soundness of the chest structure and the muscles surrounding.
Kim checked the flexing of the ankles and toes of each leg.
Because this was a LARGE pup (Irish Wolfhounds grow to 50Kg plus), diagnosis of joint problems is difficult with x-rays because of the large growth plates each side of a joint.
Kim isolated the troublesome or painful joint in one shoulder and proceeded to massage the joint.
She also treated the joint with a red-light torch used to reduce inflammation.
After treatment, Anne McGregor said that the extension of the left foreleg was farther than she had seen in the previous three weeks.
Kim said that she offered a consulting service to Vets in Geelong who administered conventional treatments.
And she referred the patients’ owners back to their referring Vet if she felt conventional treatment was required.
She said that about 24 people in Australia are able to provide biomechanical and complementary services for veterinary purposes.
Their work is most valued in the rehabilitation therapies used after accidents and/or surgeries where instructions are provided to the owners to administer or complement the treatment.
Peter Kavenagh thanks Dr Kim and wished her well in her career