Posted on Oct 31, 2017
Humans in Geelong – Jacqui Bennet
Peter welcomed Jacqui back to update us on the activities on “Humans in Geelong”.
Since Jacqui last spoke there has been a very successful Humans in Geelong expo which was held in October with approximately 1,500 people attending.
There were 44 exhibitors and a large number of keynote speakers representing a wide range of community interests indicated by the large number of attendees.
The feedback after the expo was very positive and there will be one held again next year.
They currently have over 7000 followers on face book and post about 2 stories per week on the website.
The number of questions from the audience indicated the interest in “Humans In Geelong” and I am sure the Expo will be larger next year.
Peter thanked Jacqui once again for her talk.