Organ Donation

As an Introduction to Ian he was invited to present as he is passionate about organ donation.
Sadly Ian’s his wife Heather was involved in a car accident about 12 months ago and was faced with these options.
Ian began with a conversation he had with his wife some time before about organ donation and reflected on her statement that she wanted to be an organ donator, if the chance presented.
She want to hold the exception of keeping her eyes as she explained “To keep an eye on you buggers while I am up there”!
It was a conversation that no one really wants to talk about it, as it is a bit like insurance and funerals.
Ian now thinks it was extremely good to have had his experience (with organ donation) and now understands the recipients side as well.
If you are interested then go to this site and register.
You will need your medicare number.
Ian explained how he received the tragic news, on May 17 last year, of the car accident near Cressy involving his wife Heather and her youngest daughter and her child.
By the Sunday morning after the accident the doctors and staff had tried everything but the pressure on her brain was too much so the decision had to be made about heather’s life.  They already knew she was an organ donator as she had registered on the website, so Ian was left to give the final permission.  This makes it very important to make sure your family know about your wishes.  Ian had had the discussion and the answer was easy.
At that point things went quite quickly including paper work. Significantly there was a patient down stairs that was desperate for a liver and needed to be told to hang on for a bit for that second chance.  This is when it really hit home for Ian that there were many desperate people needing transplants.
The lady downstairs needing a liver.
A farmer from out back SA needing Kidneys to allow him to go back to his farm. He had to stay in Adelaide for dialysis.
Another lady in SA received the other kidney and she is also off dialysis.
Ian received a wonderful letter from the lady who received Heathers Lungs. It was so heart-warming.
Ian really wanted to highlight how even in such a tragedy, there can be some really good feelings.
The most significant was the mother of a 3 month old baby who was not expecting to ever leave hospital. She received Heather’s heart and a brand new life.
Cassie and Hamish are now doing well after a long recovery period for Cassie.
Ian talked about the importance of safe baby seats and using good quality ones.
Things that has happened since then.

Belinda – Free exercise group

Donations went to transplant Australia
15 people signed up for donating organs
Fun day.


Heather was the organiser with James being one of the top drivers in Australia and also he has driven in USA. Now he has stepped up to driving a sprint car.

A tribute car

This was done in January for the Grand Annual Sprint car classic in Warrnambool after the suggestion the idea just took off.
A car jazzed up.
Lots of people involved.
These pictures are the front page and inside of the Speedway national magazine.
Also a big story inside.
Ian was invited to the wine and roses festival in Heywood near Portland
They put the car in the parade but it needed to be towed. (The parade is not fast enough!).
More people signed up for Organ Donations at Heywood.
Donate Life were a great support in the whole process.
Check out the on the donate life website.

Some stats

1683 saved by transplant last year.
548 were saved by deceased organ donors.
239 were living organ donors.
80,000 people passed away last year.
1309 were potential organ donors.

Added comment

Ian talked about Heather’s sister in law’s sister who passed away for the lack of a transplant.
It was a poignant experience for him about the importance of organ donation.

Cassie’s story

Lastly Ian recommended we look at this link.  It is Cassie’s story particularly in regard to the car seat for Hamish, her little boy.
It does include this you tube video. Which is Cassie’s story about the accident and highlighting how the child restraint saved Hamish.
Lots of photos at the bottom of the Bollard.
President Peter thanks Ian and we all agreed a very riveting story.
He also advised us to check up on the registration site for our names.