Posted on Oct 24, 2017
SYLVIA GRAY is Convenor of Hero Town — a volunteer organisation and President of the Rotary Club of Geelong Central.
Hero Town is an active and training organisation that aspires to create Everyday Heroes; people who do not stand by but step up to help to offer physical help and mental health first aid.
  • What makes a hero
  • How can we train heroes
  • How do we build self-awareness and insight?
  • How do we prepare for heroic adventures?
  • How do we build the right mid sets for action?
  • How do we overcome the bystander effect?
  • How can mindfulness help us to be more present and aware of opportunities for action?
Presently it is focussing on MENTAL HEALTH FIRST AID for
  • Youth (including Suicide Prevention) and
  • Suicide Prevention
Hero Town believes that crises can be allayed by the early intervention by people who recognise the early signs of problems.
Signs include loneliness, risky behaviour and inappropriate use of alcohol and drugs.
It is Psychological First Aid for those who don’t know where to seek help provided by their friends or family who can direct the troubled person to the appropriate medical or psychological help.
Hero Town runs training courses to train Everyday Heroes based on similar courses devised in USA.
Hero Town Geelong holds the Australia-wide licence for the program.
The group’s resources are volunteers, donations, sponsorships and minimal fees charges for training courses.