Posted on Nov 27, 2018
Pres Peter Hynes
He welcomed all and invited his daughter Ellen to the podium to tell us about her work in Humanitarian Logistics.

Logistics involves the 7 R’s –
  • right product,
  • right time,
  • right place,
  • right condition,
  • right quantity,
  • right customer
  • and right cost.
Humanitarian Logistics is not driven by cost however finds the best means to use the money donated to them.
Her main work is with the World Food Program with the United Nations which transports food in times of disaster to people around the world.
Their main aim is to deliver to save lives.
They are not involved in the transport of the food but the rehabilitation of areas so the delivery can take place.
Since the Tsuanami of 2005 there has been a call for a new approach because we saw emergencies occur in different countries at the same time.
Ellen has worked in
  • Syria 
  • Lebanon
  • and also Bangladesh.
In these countries she was also working with UNICEF because if children are not healthy then others in family are also not healthy.
So fuel is provided for the heating of schools, insulation of schools and tents.
They also provide winter clothing for children.
President Peter thanked Ellen for her excellent presentation