Peter offered a special welcome to Dale McIntyre
Peter then offered the floor to Dale to let us know about the “Defying the Drift” project.
Defying the drift is a program that is trying to stop the movement of kids to the city after their schooling.
  • Dale has been the bus driver for this project and now has been co-opted to the committee.
  • The committee is mostly associated with Beaufort Rotary Club
  • Drought have pushed the kids to the city
The project is a three day tour to as many significant farms over that time. This last tour saw
  • It usually started from Marcus Olden college in Geelong
  • Large dairy farms around Colac
  • Organic farm
  • Pig farm
  • Sheep farm
  • Even a flower farm run by a young lady with over 120 workers. She is an agronomist and exports to the world
  • A Green Eggs farm (I didn’t understand this one)
  • Dale talked about Beekeeping (apiculture) and the possibility of a 3 day course to become an apiarist
  • The next tour will be centred around Longerenong College
  • Dale hope for two tours a year
  • From last year we now have four girls on dairy farms
  • The tour has around 30 students from yr10 and yr11 with about half recommended by Rotary Clubs. Schools also were a bit help for promotion
The cost for the students is around $250 but the cost is up to about $400. or just google!
Peter Thanks Dale for the information.