Dan Charles spoke to us about the three week long venture called Run to Better Days 2014. This is a three week program based in Melbourne which aims to generate action towards the fight to end global poverty.

Over the three week period their team of young athletes will speak to schools, universities and community organisations about we, as members of an affluent society can do about the problem of extreme poverty. The “Run” aspect of the event involved a team of runners , running in a relay format, the entire 264 kilometres around Port Phillip Bay – in one day.

The Run To Better Days aims to :-

1. Raise $20,000 for both “The Malaria Foundation (AMF) and “Medecins Sans Frontieres “
Doctors Without Borders (DWB).

2. Challenge young people throughout Australia to consider that we as a developed nation
can and should do more for the world’s poorest people.



This years event follows on from successful “Run to Better Days campaigns” in Qld in 2012 and 2013. Those events raised over $35,000 and they spoke to 20,000 people, including 20 Rotary Clubs.  Dan’s presentation was well received and very interesting judging by the number of questions from the audience.
Telsa thanked Dan for his informative and passionate presentation and presented him with a cheque
for $250.00 towards their worthy cause.
Further Information:
Book – The Life You Can Save – Peter Singer