Posted on May 09, 2017
Chairman David F: Introduced Club Past President, Assistant Governor (1917-18) Judy Beasley.
After retiring in 2016 Phil & Judy Beasley have taken time to remember their fruitful life and enjoy their state sponsored superannuation.
Since 2006 they have travelled extensively to the Northern Territory, Thailand, western and middle Europe, Alaska and western Canada.
Judy (neeꜚ Baker b. 1956) met Phil in the early seventies at the Geelong Young Farmers Club and they were married in 1978.
Prior she had worked as a Primary Teacher for the Education Department at Balliang in a one-teacher school.
Her secondary education at Geelong West Technical School and Bell Park High School had progressed her to the Geelong Teachers College and Balliang was her first appointment.
After marrying she taught at Newcombe South PS.
Phil joined the CFA as a career fire fighter at about this time and while stationed in and about Melbourne they lived at Bayswater North.
They returned to the Geelong region in 1991 to their new home at Stonehaven and Judy taught at Fiskville PS and Elaine PS.
During the 1980s Judy gave birth to three daughters: Kate who is an accountant and has two children, Amy who is an Agricultural Scientist (working at CFA) and has two children and Alison who works on Government Health Policy development.
Judy spent sixteen years to 2011 providing a resources outreach service to rural schools.
She drove a mobile van containing library and art services to small rural schools.
She was based in Fyansford and Moriac and her van was one of forty that covered the State schools across Victoria.
In 2012 she accepted the job as Library Manager at Carranballac P-9 College campuses at Point Cook.
Since her early teenage years Judy has been a keen horse rider.
She has owned ponies since she was 13-years old and was an active member of the Geelong Pony Club.
As a teenager she saved her wages from Woolies to buy horse paraphernalia including a new saddle.
She competed in the three main disciplines (Dressage, Jumping and Cross Country) and is now a dressage judge for the Pony Club which is now at Lara.
She held the concurrent roles as President of Bayside and President of the Pony Club.
She is also active at the State level as a representative.
She has a life membership of the State governing body and still acts as a dressage judge at that level too.
Phil joined Rotary in 1988 (Boronia) and Judy joined Bayside in 2008 after meeting Janette Anderson.
Each of them was working on the same Rotary construction project in Arnhem Land.
Judy is a Past President of Bayside and shortly assumes the role of Assistant Governor for this area.
Congratulations Judy.
Chairman David: Thanked Judy for her BTB presentation.