At this meeting we abandoned the exquisite cuisine and wine cellar of the Queens Park Golf Club and embarked on a temporary menu of Bollinger and cannabinols to attend Absolutely Fabulous — The Movie.
Afterwards we retired to Grill’d for hamburgers.
Writer and co-star Jennifer Saunders squeezes her 30-minute format into 90 minutes providing us with an extended look at her selfish and unaware Edina and Joanna Lumley’s brain-addled Patsy.
It is 24 years since the TV show was made — the same time the Korean War was extended from three years to accommodate MASH.
Ms Saunders said that she wrote the movie in response to a bet; it’s almost impossible to win those bets — the house always wins.
To add anymore here would just be a spoiler but it is noted that everyone enjoyed the movie