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We are meeting same times but online now

Before Covid19 - 1st Tues 7pm (Board Only) No Meeting - 2nd Tues 7:30pm Normal Meeting - 3rd Tues Fun/Social evening - 4th Tues 7:30pm Planning Meeting - 5th Tues Public Event (Belmont Library) 7pm
Meeting Place: The Andrew Love Center, 70 Swanston St,
Postal Address: PO Box 809
Geelong, VIC 3220
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In my want for 100% meeting I am claiming that for this meeting. It is 100% the two small execptions are the two health pro’s not appearing.
They not only have a good reason but also our thoughts go with them in their jobs.
Peter opened the meeting with some discussion around whether we have a motion on the books related to
our donation. Since there is no evidence of the same then a motion was moved to donate $2,000 to the
cause. See previous Bollards for information around sky hydrants.
We then talked about social media and its use along with Face book and how we can use it at this time.

Barwon Health

Judy then talked about the changes to an option for us with other clubs to apply for a one off grant for the
Barwon Health Foundation to use for equipment that might be able to be used for combating Covid19
Pres added that there was a need for bedside equipment like ventilators Personal Protective Equipment
(PPE) blood pressure thingys. Also they were talking about wellbeing activities.
At this point all discussion was interrupted by the arrival of Jane everyone very excited to see her! David
slipped in the back door with no video.

The Cofvid 19 virus has certainly caused incredible havoc in our society. This is our first "Zoom" meeting as a result of the advised separation or social distancing. 
Yes I have to admit that President Peter Hynes came to the meeting twice. Once for the video and a second time on a separate device for sound. Well done Peter for ingenuity.
The meeting started quite slowly with almost everyone attending. Only small hiccups.
We had an 86% attendance for this meeting with is the highest we have had in a long time but I am looking for a 100%
It was good to see so many turn up for the meeting and although new it seems that Zoom worked well the 40 minute limit was far too short.
Once the meeting started I was able to warn people of the short time slot so we considered the first item was to upgrade our Zoom access to be a longer time allocation.
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