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It has been a few busy months since the idea to hold a Trivia fund raiser was put forward.
Funds going to Barwon Health Patient Transport, a very worthwhile cause and a fabulous service for people in need.
Who knows when we might need this service ourselves.
Each year, Barwon Health’s Patient Transport Service completes over 16,000 patient trips for community members to get to their important Barwon Health medical appointments including weekly dialysis and chemotherapy appointments.
This program help take the stress away and just makes their days a little easier.
Our trivia night was a fun way to raise some funds to help support this service.
There is a great need for a new bus and another car to help with the volume of transportation needed.
Apart from the evening being a very worthwhile fundraiser, it was a fabulous social evening and an amazing team effort.
Peter offered a special welcome to Dale McIntyre
Peter then offered the floor to Dale to let us know about the “Defying the Drift” project.
Defying the drift is a program that is trying to stop the movement of kids to the city after their schooling.
  • Dale has been the bus driver for this project and now has been co-opted to the committee.
  • The committee is mostly associated with Beaufort Rotary Club
  • Drought have pushed the kids to the city
Peter Welcomed Conor and invited him to tell us about him self
  • Conor is a student at Geelong College
  • He is just back from a long trip to the outback where he learnt a lot about indigenous peoples. One of the towns was Amata where he visited the Amata Anangu School and mix with the students from the area. The area is the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Lands
  • He learned about their value system, history and culture
  • He has travelled to Ireland France and the UK and USA
  • He would like to go to France on exchange but is quite open to other countries
  • He studies Latin and French at school
  • His mum comes from Ireland and his dad is a Vet, He has a brother and sister.
  • He hopes to get into Media or Movies as a career.
We wish him well in his application
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