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I have heard it said, what is trachoma?

It is an infectious eye disease that is caused by the bacteria Chlamydia that can lead to blindness if untreated.
Australia is the only developed country in the world that it still exists, and it is so easily treated by
  1. Education campaigns like End Trachoma and
  2. Good hygiene, washing hands and faces regularly, using clean towels and face washers.
To help stop the spread, educating people why they shouldn’t be sharing these items.
So, when each member of the family has their own special bag it can make a difference
To find out what Bayside is doing click on Read More
Someone asked this question once and this is how Jack Matrow, Ellinwood Rotary Club of  Ellinwood , Kansas responded
The time was February 10, 1997 but you will have to click on Read more to find out.
Our Green Queen Aileen informed everyone that last Saturday was the second session of the Protect the Plant Project program.
This month was at the COGG Composting site in Lara.
What a very interesting morning discovering where the contents of our Green Bins go too, after the truck does its fortnightly pick up at your home.
The first stop is to be sorted, yes, I said sorted, I couldn’t believe that my grass clipping and cutting were in need of sorting.
Unfortunately some people don’t understand that glass, plastic and fish don’t qualify for green waste and as they say if it doesn't grow, it doesn't go!
After sorting it then can be delivered to the compost making facility.
A Fund raiser for Cancer Research
This event went very well, with the support of so many of the members, thank you everyone.
Special mention to Rick Brown for joining Ian and helping transform the hall into a garden, with borrowed plants from the Wesley Church Garden.
Thanks to Keith Fagg and "Stewie" the caretaker at the church for helping with our hall decorations.
We had a very successful day raising approx. $2000+
Our Christ Church Free BBQ for the needy was on Monday and work commenced at 3pm, thank you team for giving your time and making a difference to some less fortunate of our community.
We feed about 60 guests with many seconds and take-aways as well.
It felt good to be able to offer extras and not run out of supplies.
Jan, Ruth and Bayside members also ate, and we were each given a chocolate heart from Jan as thanks
What a lovely way to spend a Sunday morning.

Thank you, Telsa, for organising the Fyansford Paper Mill Tour for our members.
I think we all enjoyed hearing the stories and wandering through this remarkable place.
Fabulous, so much information about the beginning and the end of the life of the paper mill, when it was closed and production move to Fairfield. 
We heard about the part it played throughout WW2 and the community it is today.
Casual eating plus winery and restaurant.
We were very fortunate this past week to have Lauren Salajan as our guest speaker with the topic of WHERE DO THE PROBLEMS START, referring to some of our young people at present.
Lauren is a Cyclical phycologist, and at present working with primary school aged children, 5-13 years of age.
Many questions and comments through Q&A time and it was obvious the passion that Lauren has for her work.
A delightful young mother of 2 herself, Lauren understands the daily balance of work and family.

Some of the issues these children have is Depression, Lake of Resilience, Obsessions and Suicidal Tendencies.

I can remember at that age all I was interested in was having fun feeling safe in my home and knowing I was loved.
What has happened?
Dr John also provided an update on Lese Oalai in PNG which is supported by our Rotary Club together with Rotary Club of Geelong and Torquay and now others in Australia.
Lese Oalai is in the gulf province of PNG and gets remarkably wet.
Lucy Loko whose family comes from there and is involved with their culture with a relation who is the supreme chieftain of the village and was the chief interpreter with the Fuzzy Wuzzy angels in WWII.
The school has no classrooms and most lesson are done under a tree.
It was established in mid-20th century and has no windows, supports have fallen and the community does not have the finance to rebuild.
They have 6 pit toilets to cater for 1000 children which is not enough and provides no privacy.
The project is replacing the pit toilets with composting toilets and an adequate water supply.
The Rotary club of Manly NSW and Taylor Bridge Qld have taken up the challenge.
He also spoke about a water project to bring water to the village and school with a cost of US$300000.
The classrooms are going to be in kit form by builders in PNG.
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