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The meeting this week was a social meeting just to show those readers who are think Rotary meeting are regimented and designed for a bunch of old curmudgeons you are sorely mistaken.
The meeting was a BBQ at Jo and David White’s abode and the meeting was a gastronomic delight.
Notes relate to the plans for City of Greater Geelong (COGG) Christmas party.
The magnificent support given to the club by our legendary cohort of friends and supporters at recent club activities and fundraising gigs was as raised as part of our general discussion we acknowledged that they always help when invited, support and enjoy our meetings and social nights, contribute to and solicit funds for our club projects and even become part of special committees such as COGG catering planning team.
Thank you so much to Judy & Phil Beasley for opening their home once again and hosting our Melbourne Cup Evening.
I am sure everyone enjoyed the evening with our Back to Front Sweep, (won by Dave the bookie) and the three races (that wouldn’t have stopped a nation), with a very excited race caller, and Fashions on the field.
The bookie taking the money
I think he is crooked
The fashions on the field
Multiple Bayside Rotary members and friends met in Geelong town centre to enjoy a City Art Walk as a fund raiser for Lift the Lid.
The Clubs walk covered only a small number of the art work now in Geelong CBD and the quiz questions covered items such as King Billy & Christy Amphlet, and some rather odd looking butterflies
The evening was topped out with an enjoyable and well deserved meal at the Italian restaurant complete with Hats.
Rotary District 9780 welcomed Rotary International President Mark Daniel Maloney to Ballarat.
Several club members and a large number of our district took the opportunity to meet our world Rotary International President.
From the reports received back from those club members who attended was that the evening was a great opportunity to meet Mark and his wife Gaye as well as catch up with fellow Rotarians including DG Rosanne Kava and DGE Phil Beasley
The normal club routine is to use our 3rd Tuesday meeting for Fun/Social evening (of course we still chat about Rotary things)
The club chose this weeks meeting to attend a Polio plus fund raiser for Group 9 and 10 clubs.
Nearly 200 Rotarians and friends attended a fund raiser ($2100 was raised from the event)
Ride like a girl is the story of Michelle Payne, the first female jockey to win the Melbourne Cup.
Schizophrenia is complex incurable (but treatable) lifelong affliction that affects approximately 1% of the population plus impacting sufferer’s family and friends.
Schizophrenia symptoms are often classified as negative or positive symptoms.
These symptoms are grouped based on whether they reflect diminished or excess function.
Negative symptoms in schizophrenia refer to a decrease or absence of normal function.
An example of this is a loss of interest in everyday activities, neglect of personal hygiene, Social withdrawal, decrease in talkativeness and loss of motivations.
President Peter was away for most of August
Peter spend one-week solo before joining the other Rotarians from our District visiting Vancouver harbour city like Sydney but maybe a little busier.
A few days enjoying the sights followed by a train trip east across the prairies to Saskatchewan (Rotary district 5550)
The host clubs were Hudson Bay small town of 1500 people (Grain and Forestry)
The club has a good income from growing a grain crop (does anyone in Geelong have a few acres to donate to our club)?
Melfort Rotary club was next is a big grain growing area with a town of 6000 people the team had a visit to tillage tool factory and a great BBQ with the host club were the highlights.
This week the club was treated to a bit of a slide night from Robin and Andrea Hunt who as part of their latest holiday tour to Spain Portugal and France (really nice photographs by Robin) caught up with one of our ex inbound exchange student from France, Gladie Tallin sponsored by the RC of Montmelian)
Gladie was with the club in 2007-2008
The catch up had a happy reason, Gladie was married in a lovely outdoor setting with lots of singing and fun.
The fact that Robin, Andrea and Jannette were invited to attend the wedding is a testament the power of the relationships that are developed with the kids in the Rotary Youth Exchange program.
The normal Bayside Geelong Club meeting (if anything we do is just normal) was replaced with a smashing combined meeting to meet our District Governor Rosanne Karva with the other Rotary Clubs in Group 10 of District 9780.
For info about the clubs (go here to find out) about all the clubs in the district.
The meeting was well attended with about 100 Rotarians in attendance DG Rosanne gave insight from Rotary international and her own thoughts. The scope of the DG’s  presentation was:   
1 Increasing our Impact
2 Expanding our reach
3 Enhancing participants engagement
4 Increasing our ability to adapt.
Jenny Upton was guest speaker for our meeting at Belmont library (as you know we have our 5 meeting of any month at the Library)
Jenny is president of the Geelong Branch of Knitted knockers Australia which is associated with the knitted knockers in the USA

Knitted Knockers Australia as championed by Cheryl Webster of Burwood, who did the hard work in setting up and running Knitted Knockers Australia
Knitted Knockers are just that: cotton knitted boobs designed to be a comfortable and cost effective alternative to Silicon based prosthesis
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