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Rotary Club of Bayside Geelong Inc [50412] 1st Tuesday Board RSL 2nd & 4th Tuesday 7 for 7.15pm Naval Ass. 90-92 Skene St Newtown http://www.rotarybaysidegeelong.org/


DAYS FOR GIRLS: one of Bayside’s long-standing programs.
Over ten years or so, RCBG has produced 1552 kits for distribution to underprivileged communities around the globe.
At a value of $20/kit that would equal $31,040 going out into the world.
What is the value of a better education due to being able to attend school while menstruating, to help defuse the stigma and shame the girls often feel, to improve their health education and to develop their own sewing enterprises.
Classroom Development Project in Lese Oalai, Gulf Province, PNG.
The committee continue to wait to obtain accurate numbers of students enrolled at the school and daily attendances so these can be added to the Business Case.

The latest 40’ container of educational materials etc. was shipped to Port Moresby, PNG, by DIK Geelong.
The Australian High Commission in Port Moresby have awarded a Direct Aid Project to our Lese Oalai program to fund the conversion of the container into a library at the school.
The container arrived at the LO Village on August 25th. Students from Lese Oalai, Kavi and Kaea Primary Schools and their teachers were present to receive the container and put on a special performance.
The villagers worked to prepare the foundations in readiness for the container. (See photo below)
Daryll started his training to become a Marriage Celebrant in 2004 and his application was approved.
Then because of restrictions in the number of Celebrants in one area at one time, his full application was finally approved in 2006, after applying to the Attorney General with 2 references.
Since that date he has performed 109 Weddings, 5 naming Ceremonies, and 4 Renewal of Vows Ceremonies.
He then became a Council of Churches Chaplin in 2015, and in 2021 Daryll added to his training and became a VCC Emergency Ministries Chaplain, and an Ambulance Victoria Chaplain, Attending Relief Centres, after floods, fire, and tragic accidents supporting SES workers.
He attends Municipal Emergency Meeting with the Geelong Council.
He is a member of the Pandemic Influenza Sub Committee and Deputy Chairman of the Relief & Recovery subcommittee.
What a great night Tuesday night.
How good was it to again meet Vanessa and meet Sally and cute little Baxter.
What a great program they are running.
The benefit to those year two students that are lucky enough to be selected could change their lives.
All of us at Bayside should be very proud that we support Story Dogs.
How cute is Baxter’s little jacket.
Who doesn’t like a cute puppy story.
Welcome to New President Ian,
Over to you
Welcome to my first message from Pres.
I hope everyone is well as there is a lot of sickness going around at the moment.
Thank you again to Jo for her hard work that she and her team have put in over the last year.
Continuing from last Bollard, I would also like to thank the End Trachoma team for their efforts.
Just one hurdle to overcome now, the freight to get it to N.T.
I have heard it said, what is trachoma?

It is an infectious eye disease that is caused by the bacteria Chlamydia that can lead to blindness if untreated.
Australia is the only developed country in the world that it still exists, and it is so easily treated by
  1. Education campaigns like End Trachoma and
  2. Good hygiene, washing hands and faces regularly, using clean towels and face washers.
To help stop the spread, educating people why they shouldn’t be sharing these items.
So, when each member of the family has their own special bag it can make a difference
To find out what Bayside is doing click on Read More
Someone asked this question once and this is how Jack Matrow, Ellinwood Rotary Club of  Ellinwood , Kansas responded
The time was February 10, 1997 but you will have to click on Read more to find out.
Our Green Queen Aileen informed everyone that last Saturday was the second session of the Protect the Plant Project program.
This month was at the COGG Composting site in Lara.
What a very interesting morning discovering where the contents of our Green Bins go too, after the truck does its fortnightly pick up at your home.
The first stop is to be sorted, yes, I said sorted, I couldn’t believe that my grass clipping and cutting were in need of sorting.
Unfortunately some people don’t understand that glass, plastic and fish don’t qualify for green waste and as they say if it doesn't grow, it doesn't go!
After sorting it then can be delivered to the compost making facility.
A Fund raiser for Cancer Research
This event went very well, with the support of so many of the members, thank you everyone.
Special mention to Rick Brown for joining Ian and helping transform the hall into a garden, with borrowed plants from the Wesley Church Garden.
Thanks to Keith Fagg and "Stewie" the caretaker at the church for helping with our hall decorations.
We had a very successful day raising approx. $2000+
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Days for Girls
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