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We are meeting same times but online now

We meet In Person & Online
Tuesdays at 7:30 PM
Meeting Place Post Covid 19: The Andrew Love Center, 70 Swanston St,
Postal Address: PO Box 809
Geelong, VIC 3220
1st Tues 7:30pm (Board Only) No Meeting - 2nd Tues 7:30pm Normal Meeting - 3rd Tues Fun/Social evening - 4th Tues 7:30pm Planning Meeting - 5th Tues Public Event (Belmont Library) 7:30pm


It didn’t take long for members of the Rotary Club of Makati West, Philippines, to act once the COVID-19 pandemic reached their country.
Shortly after the local government announced the first case of the virus in January, the club called a series of emergency meetings and mobilized a fleet of vans to get frontline healthcare workers to their facilities during a shutdown of public transportation. Read more

Change, they say it is not something we all enjoy but there is not too much we can do about it at the moment, just embrace it and learn to handle things differently.

And sometimes change can be a good thing, it can force us to think outside the square, and not to rely on doing the, same old same old.

Because of Social distancing, we cannot run our, money raising BBQ, so what can we do? Raffles seem to be a good solution to start with, quick snappy and all members involved.

This is our first $5 a ticket raffle, only 200 ticket will be sold, great chance of winning. If you would like to purchase a ticket, please get in touch, contact details are on this page.

Peter Welcomed Catherine
She is chair of Australia Rotary Health (ARH) for this district.
It was created to fund SIDs
ARH  has has funded $45 million in research and General Health since 1981.  
ARH now has current programs in Mental Health 
Mental Health costs Australia up to $20 Million a year and will affect over 50% of Australians at least once in their lifetime
Since she had left her job she discovered that she liked and could do crossword puzzles and as a result in 2004 set up the Clue Detective
Puzzle Agency and has an online portal to promote it.
It contains Crosswords, Copewords, Cryptograms, Sudoku and Trivia Quizzes.
Each Membership to the Clue Detective of $59 a year through our club will attract a donation of $11.80 to Australian Rotary Health and a donation of $11.80 to Bayside RC.
To join click here
After silencing everyone Rick and Aileen started the story of their Christmas in Mallacoota where they were surrounded by the massive fire now known as the Mallacoota fires.

They travelled there with their son Conor who is our Exchange Student Along with a niece of Aileen’s who was out from Ireland visiting.
There were two other children but they were off to a Music festival and intended to join them later.

Organ Donation

As an Introduction to Ian he was invited to present as he is passionate about organ donation.
Sadly Ian’s his wife Heather was involved in a car accident about 12 months ago and was faced with these options.
Ian began with a conversation he had with his wife some time before about organ donation and reflected on her statement that she wanted to be an organ donator, if the chance presented.
She want to hold the exception of keeping her eyes as she explained “To keep an eye on you buggers while I am up there”!
It was a conversation that no one really wants to talk about it, as it is a bit like insurance and funerals.
Ian now thinks it was extremely good to have had his experience (with organ donation) and now understands the recipients side as well.
If you are interested then go to this site https://www.donatelife.gov.au/ and register.
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Clue Detective
This is a puzzle website
There are lots of puzzles to keep you busy.
This site supports "Lift the Lid" on Mental Health through Australian Rotary Health,
and Bayside Rotary Inc.
Bowel Scan
of Bowel Cancer Sufferers are successfully treated if detected early
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Peter Kavenagh
The Conversation: Jeanne Gang

The Conversation:Jeanne GangA renowned Rotary alum affirms her commitment to environmentally sustainable architectureGrowing up in Belvidere, Illinois, a city 70 miles

Small scholarships help Illinois adults build their careers

Small scholarships help adults return to school and trade a job for a career - In a seemingly affluent Chicago suburb, poverty stops many adult students from affording classes to advance their skillsets. Local Rotary clubs are helping pay for school.

Nature & Nurture

With help from a Rotary Foundation global grant, a group of women in rural Costa Rica are using ecotourism to enrich their families' futures.