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Ariston House Christmas Break Up

So pleased to say the rain held off and we were able to have a very successful Ariston House Christmas party once again.
This has been a regular item on our fundraising calendar for many years now and we always seem to have some fun while we are kept very busy.
Dan received a call from Ariston House on Thursday to say how pleased they were with the outcome, and “where do we purchase out hamburgers”, because they are delicious.
All the “party guests” enjoyed the day, and the beautifully decorated Christmas muffins looked so good with the red and green icing, thanks to the decorating elf, Aileen, great job! they went down a treat with the children.

Christmas dinner and More

At this week’s meeting we were fortunate to have Luke Elliot with us reporting back for the road safety conference he attended in NZ with the help of Bayside and Bellarine North Rotary clubs.
Chairperson Ian Aranyosi introduced Luke, inviting him to share the information he brought back from the conference.
Luke spoke about some very interesting facts about road safety from a South Australian study that was done recently.

54% of road deaths are with just a single person in the car.
80% involve speeds over 100k.
30% have no seat belts. (that surprised me)
And 22% involve drugs.
As he is a little housebound at present, Peter Kavenagh joined us on Zoom for some important information about Cyber Security.
Peter introduces us to a Westpac site that gives good information, when you are face with the question, scam, or not scam, how do we know sometimes?
Go to this link and answer 5 simple questions, you might find it will help you the next time you are a little concerned with that “interesting” email

www.westpac.com.au/saw .

Peter also suggested going to You Tube to see that sometimes the scammers don't win.

The Angriest Scammer I ever called”, it shows how angry these scammers get when the tables are turned against them.
Its worth watching!
It was a small but very enthusiastic group of members at the last meeting night at the Naval club.

Chairperson Telsa introduced our guest speaker for the night, Insurance District Chair & president of the Rotary club of Geelong Central, Don Shields. Telsa thanked Don for taking the time out of his very busy life to spend a few hours with us and take us through the Insurance Guidebook.
Seems, we as a club do ok in this area, as we do the right thing regarding club insurance and information that needs to be delt with quickly. I think we have Telsa, Peter K, Dan and Daryll to thank for that. Well done guys.

Our amazing, Miss Judy and Friends of Bayside, Anne & David Cotsell were in fine form, producing a fun packed evening.

With a wonderful selection of questions that David organized, and with a fabulous amount of silent auction items that is Anne’s domain, we were set for a great night raising funds for our community.
We have to thank our supporter for the evening, making for a very interesting auction, plus a big thank you to PDG Stephen Lamont for taking on the job of Auctioneer this year, he kept the bids rolling in and also kept us all laughing, even our Man of the Moment, question man David.
This week’s meeting was all about remembering, as Remembrance Day is this week, and we wanted to mark the occasion by sharing stories, and I have to say we heard some wonderful stories of loved ones past and some still with us.
We traveled across the world from PNG to Borneo and then to Egypt France and Normandy, and not forgetting Hungary Italy & Darwin.
This week we had the pleasure of listenint to: 
Madonna Morton, Acting Deputy Secretary, Corporate Governance and Support.
Michelle Wood Executive Director of the West Area
Paul Fitzpatrick, the Assistant Deputy Secretary of Justice Service in Victoria.
The Topic was  “Issues on Housing for People leaving prison”

Justice Services is the part of the Department of Justice and Community Safety that looks after people who have left prison.
There are 11 Public Prisons and one transition centre; 3 Private Prisons in Victoria, with 6,600 people currently in prison consisting of 6,300 men (95%) and 300 (5%) women (at a peak there is around 8,200 people in prison)
Our Guest Speakers Karen and Vanessa from Story Dogs. The ladies joined us with the beautiful little King Charles Spaniels Poppy and Libby.
The Story Dogs Mission is to make reading fun for children, so they become confident lifelong readers.
No child should be left behind in literacy.
Formed in 2009 in northern NSW, Story Dogs has expanded to now be operating in six Australian states, partnering with 224 schools, with 374 volunteer Dog Teams helping over 1880 children every week.
Their purpose is to help primary school children (aged 7 - 10) learn to read.
Although very wet and windy the Bunnings BBQ went ahead as planned.
Not too many people around in the morning but the happy band of campers kept it all going well with a welcoming smile to those that did venture out.
I heard BB decided to go for a walk and fix the problem that is always there on a wet day, the gap between the to gazebos.
Coming back with his purchases of a roll of plastic and fixings, went to work to make it a dryer environment for all. I heard it worked well.
Then Aileen decided she had stood in water far too long, so another trip inside returning with a mat to stand on, well done team.
The sun came out in the afternoon and the PM team reported that it was slow but constant, but on a positive note, gave a little extra time for cleaning.
Not too sure that is a good idea Ian with shoulder surgery coming up again on Thursday, but I’m sure the next team will appreciate the shinning surfaces.
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