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Jenny Upton was guest speaker for our meeting at Belmont library (as you know we have our 5 meeting of any month at the Library)
Jenny is president of the Geelong Branch of Knitted knockers Australia which is associated with the knitted knockers in the USA

Knitted Knockers Australia as championed by Cheryl Webster of Burwood, who did the hard work in setting up and running Knitted Knockers Australia
Knitted Knockers are just that: cotton knitted boobs designed to be a comfortable and cost effective alternative to Silicon based prosthesis
President Peter Hynes wasted no time in introducing us to our presenter in Amanda Hough to the podium.


During the first few minutes without PowerPoint Amanda explained to us about a trip she had undertaken to Borneo.
She went with a number of other health personnel who worked non-stop on patients
  • A little back ground is that the people of this area supported the Aussie troups in WW2
  • This area restricted the supply of oil to the Japanese during this time
  • She candidly mentioned that the area had head hunters. I presume she meant historically.
  • The hospital was near the jungle and was built in 1950’s style with equipment of about the same era
  • There was an amazing “Jungle Telegraph” when the Doctors arrived people turned up with their patients
  • The patients were typically burns and cleft pellets. The burns were a consequence of life style. Ie lots of gathering around the camp fire for cooking or warmth.
President Peter Hynes introduced Jake Van Eggelen who is one of his employees who went to the Leadership Camp and Kangaroobie which is near Princetown.
  • Jake first and foremost wanted to thank Rotary and Tenon Joinery for what he considers one of his best experiences in life. He couldn’t speak more highly of it.
  • It was a great setting for something so motivational.
  • He thanks Claire (last years RYLA) for not telling him too much about the experience as he believes that approaching the “unknown” was valuable
  • The days were all different presenting the unexpected which he considered valuable.
  • There were games, motivational exercises Meditation and lots of self reflecting.
  • One exercise which was a type of Iceberg taught him to be really less judgmental. He quoted the concept of not “judging a book by its cover”
  • One particular person to whom he was chatting about his daily challenges informed him he has diaphragm cancer. He said that was a stunning to him by was immediately encouraged to think his life was important. His lesson here was that “Each persons life is important”.
  • Another challenge was working in a team where one girl had claustrophobia and together they encouraged her to crawl through a tunnel.
  • In all RYLA was about team working, Networks, developing, Self-esteem and resulting in leadership abilities.
Jake was asked at the finish what RYLA stands for? It is Rotary Youth Leadership Awards.
It has been a few busy months since the idea to hold a Trivia fund raiser was put forward.
Funds going to Barwon Health Patient Transport, a very worthwhile cause and a fabulous service for people in need.
Who knows when we might need this service ourselves.
Each year, Barwon Health’s Patient Transport Service completes over 16,000 patient trips for community members to get to their important Barwon Health medical appointments including weekly dialysis and chemotherapy appointments.
This program help take the stress away and just makes their days a little easier.
Our trivia night was a fun way to raise some funds to help support this service.
There is a great need for a new bus and another car to help with the volume of transportation needed.
Apart from the evening being a very worthwhile fundraiser, it was a fabulous social evening and an amazing team effort.
Peter offered a special welcome to Dale McIntyre
Peter then offered the floor to Dale to let us know about the “Defying the Drift” project.
Defying the drift is a program that is trying to stop the movement of kids to the city after their schooling.
  • Dale has been the bus driver for this project and now has been co-opted to the committee.
  • The committee is mostly associated with Beaufort Rotary Club
  • Drought have pushed the kids to the city
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