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Aileen chairperson for the night welcomed Telsa to talk about the Days for Girls Program.

Telsa said that the program began by Celeste Mergans in USA.
She found that in most African countries when most girls menstruate, they are shunned by their community and not attend school and they are not aware of the dangers to their health and wellbeing.

So, she designed a girls hygiene kit that can be used by teenage girls at the time of menstruation.
If is important that the kit contains material that is strong, and reusable once washed and uses very little water to clean. Over 2.5 million girls in 144 countries have benefited from the kit.
Wow, what a fabulous night that the Group 9&10 environment team champions put together on Monday night.
From the minute that you walk in the door the fun began with a wonderful way to find your table, “pick a herb” we were told, so all the thymes, mints and the rosemary’s sat together, meaning that there was a wonderful mix of club members meeting each other.

Our Green Queen Aileen was very successful with her Bee Houses, she with the help from Rick made one for each table, 10 in total, and first in could purchase it for $25 each, Bayside profit from them was $250 to add to our Ukraine Seed Selling day at Westfield Shopping centre.
Rick Brown was a little excited about having to help make 6 more bee houses as Aileen took orders for those that missed out, so total being $550, fabulous effort to the Browns, and if anyone has any spare hand crème, I’m sure Aileen would appreciate it, apparently bamboo can be hard on the hands.
Larissa thanked the club for allowing her to go to RYLA.

It was lifechanging. Now think more about different topics.
Each day had reflections on leadership and every reflection went back to the learning on the first day when they arrived at Kangaroobie and to RYLA.
She shared that they had a catch-up last week in Ballarat where they shared presentations that they had made to the Rotary clubs.
Each day began with a 7:45am breakfast and then seminars and activities throughout making it a full day.
This week we were fortunate enough to have Guest Speaker PP Graham Hobbs join us, sharing his knowledge about Invertor, printer, journalist, and Mayor of Geelong in 1854-1856 James Harrison.
What an interesting man he was.
But as Chairperson Ian made comment, Graham must come back at some time and share the Life of Graham, he is involved with and very passionate about so many things.
James Harrison, being one of them, and yes, we have a bridge named after him.
James was born in Scotland in 1816 and had a life of extraordinary achievement.
Harrison invented refrigeration, and as Graham said, can you imagine today not being able to have a cold beer?
On Tuesday evening we had our annual joint project with the Rotary club of Bellarine North, the Dr John Birrell Police Awards.
What an inspiring evening, PDG Phillip Beasley open the evening with a toast to Rotary International and the Victorian Police.
We heard from last year’s recipient of the $3000 donation, Luke Elliott from Road Trauma Support Group. Senior Sergeant Sean Drew spoke about the achievements of Dr Birrell and the many lives that have been saved because or the introduction of seat belts and the .05 campaign.
Acting Superintendent Peter Nicholls informed us about the current road policing, and Senior Sergeant Craig Stevens introduced us to this year winner of the award, Leading Senior Constable Geelong Highway Patrol, Rob Nuske.

Rob’s father, retired Senior Sergeant Colin Nuske, also joined us, and it was an emotional presentation from Rob while excepting his award as he spoke about the enjoyment of the job he does
What an interesting speaker we had this week.
Kelly Taylor from Geelong Youth Engagement join us and shared what this remarkable organisation is doing here in Geelong.

GYE is the umbrella organisation with The Geelong Kokoda Youth Program and Spring Back. 
All areas engage with young people from 17 schools in the Geelong region, and helps young people work through challenges they are facing in their lives.
The reason for disconnection can include truancy, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, suicidal tendencies, self-harming, anti-social behaviour, or family violence.
We heard from Larissa Dixon our RYLA participant for April 2022.

What a remarkable young woman, and I feel we are very fortunate to have Larissa and her parents Glenda & David involved with the club.
Larissa is in her third year at Deakin Waterfront campus, studying Digital Communications.
She also has an internship with Social Media Tribe, I was so impressed when she stated, they weren’t advertising, but I called them anyway and applied. Love it!

It is very apparent that Larissa is a caring sharing and positive person and will enjoy her week at RYLA.
A comment from one member, she will be running RYLA in a few years, and I would suggest, if she wanted too, she would.
What an amazing District Conference last weekend.

Some stand out moments for me was Port Macquarie midwife and registered nurse Louise Harper working with the Humanitarian organisation Australians for Women's Health.
Louise spoke about the dreadful situation with young mothers to be, usually birthing their children at home and the problems that this creates.
To put it in perspective, to lose a mother in pregnancy in Australia is rare, it's about six per 100,000 births.
Lucy is a member of the Geelong Rotary Club, of DIK Rotary Geelong 9780, Fundraising & Campaign Coordinator Rotary Interplast Australia Committee, Rotary Passport Club of Melbourne, Associate member PNG Wantoks Group of Victoria, Papua Woman’s Group and Founder and President of the Peter Nathan Loko Foundation PNG.
John, a member of the Rotary Club of Torquay has been involved with helping less fortunate countries with 24 trips with Interplast since 1992, (three to PNG, 2 to Fiji, one to Vanuatu, two to the Philippines and 16 to Indonesia (East Kalimantan, on the Island of Borneo. John was awarded the Order of Australia Medal for services to Anaesthesia in 2011.
He has done so much more, so John with Lucy certainly have the expertise to complete this current project regarding the social situation in Lese Oalai the needs of the people, the solutions and how to achieve a school plus teacher accommodation.
Building of composting toilets, providing water to the school and the community and the continuation of supplying educational items through DIK. It’s a very large project with the approx. cost of $500,000.
It will change so many lives for the better, and through education will change the next generation.
The BBQ this week was a hot affair, well the weather was very uncomfortable with very high humidity.

We, as always managed to have a successful day and enjoyed each other’s company.

Thank you to new friend of Bayside, Susan Paulley for being part of her first Bunning BBQ and I learnt from Susan and Aileen, that a crust is not a crust? so I ask you, when is a crust a crust?
Members, Aileen Brown, Ian Aranyosi, Telsa Stubna, Andrea Patterson, Judy Eyles and FOB, David White, volunteered to be part of the day and as always Peter Kavenagh organised the day plus had to be forced to leave after setting up, but soon returned to help with the afternoon shift, just no stopping this man! Well done everyone, great job.
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