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We are meeting same times but online now

We meet In Person & Online
Tuesdays at 7:30 PM
Meeting Place Post Covid 19: The Andrew Love Center, 70 Swanston St,
Postal Address: PO Box 809
Geelong, VIC 3220
1st Tues 7:30pm (Board Only) No Meeting - 2nd Tues 7:30pm Normal Meeting - 3rd Tues Fun/Social evening - 4th Tues 7:30pm Planning Meeting - 5th Tues Public Event (Belmont Library) 7:30pm


Our Raffle was drawn on Tuesday 1st December.  Thank you to everyone that supported it and help raise the money needed for our community projects.

The winners were:
1st Prize Winner: Simon Empson ticket # 98 - $250 voucher from Jewellery by Sergio
2nd Prize Winner: Lisa Davis ticket # 8 - $250 voucher from Chris Kelly Car Service
3rd Prize Winner: Brett Coleman ticket # 310 - 7piece Comforter Set
4th Prize Winner: David Schorback ticket # 180 - Jamie Durie Bamboo QS Sheet Set.
5th Prize Winner: Diane Lauder ticket # 373 - Handmade Children’s Quilt
6th Prize Winner: Ian Aranyosi ticket # 464 - 3piece Canningvale Towel Set
7th Prize Winner: Peter Hynes ticket # 393 - Kitchen Cannister Set
8th Prize Winner: Aileen Brown ticket # 215 - 12-piece Lustre Glasses set
9th Prize Winner: Willow Aranyosi ticket # 54 - Nail & beauty Set
10th Prize Winner Lauren Salajan ticket # 267 - Aerial 21inch Tennis Racquet

All winners will be notified by Raffle Link - The Monster Raffle raised $1653.75 well done everyone.
A great night was held on Friday 27th
, to have some fun and raise
some money for a very important cause, Men’s Health.
We had a few Mo Bro’s on Zoom plus some Mo Girls as well, doing
their bit. Trivia questions, raffles and auctions. Final amount raised
hasn’t been confirmed yet but the total will be a few hundred
dollars. As soon as the numbers are in, they will be printed in next
week’s Bollard. Well done and thank you to some of the guys
that stopped shaving for a month to spread the word about
men’s health.  Thanks everyone for helping
to raise money for
MOVEMBER. The final
figures raised from Members,
Family and Friends was
$775.00, and a large part of
that was raised by Mick
Toohey, member Telsa Stubna son- in- law. Well done Mick. As you
can see Mick had quite a beautiful beard happening there, but shaved
it off to raise $540 for men’s health, Great effort!
Michelle's presentation regarding all areas of Foundation was very informative.
Without foundation the final push to end polio, wouldn’t be possible.
Michelle explained that Rotary members have contributed more than $2.1 billion and countless volunteer hours to protect nearly 3 billion Children in 122 counties from this terrible disease.
Today polio remains endemic only in Afghanistan and Pakistan.
But we need to continue because if eradication efforts stopped today within 10years polio could paralyse as many as 200.000 children each year.
Anthony mentioned how wonderful it was to be part of administering the vaccine himself to children in India while he was on a Friendship Exchange.
It makes members small weekly donation seem very worthwhile, but also to know in a small way we are part of the big picture of eradicating Polio.
Please click on this link to see the latest update on Polio
See what you can do to support the world wide campaign to end its existence on this Planet
View this video
A Can for the Needy in September was completed with the delivery of over 400 cans to the Salvos for distribution to Geelong's homeless.
This project involved four drop off points where people were encouraged to purchase a can or two extra with their shopping and to drop off those extras.
This came about because the Salvation Army are spending so much of their charity money on accommodation for the homeless leaving them somewhat short on food.
As a result Bayside Rotary Club took up the challange of finding lots of food with the September drop off.  
Thanks go out to any of you who were generous enough to add to that pile of cans.   
It is all appreciated
This is just a quick update to encourage anyone who might have missed the Zone 8 Conference.
I would like urge you to click one this link and have a look at some of the presentations that have now been uploaded to the internet.
It didn’t take long for members of the Rotary Club of Makati West, Philippines, to act once the COVID-19 pandemic reached their country.
Shortly after the local government announced the first case of the virus in January, the club called a series of emergency meetings and mobilized a fleet of vans to get frontline healthcare workers to their facilities during a shutdown of public transportation. Read more

Change, they say it is not something we all enjoy but there is not too much we can do about it at the moment, just embrace it and learn to handle things differently.

And sometimes change can be a good thing, it can force us to think outside the square, and not to rely on doing the, same old same old.

Because of Social distancing, we cannot run our, money raising BBQ, so what can we do? Raffles seem to be a good solution to start with, quick snappy and all members involved.

This is our first $5 a ticket raffle, only 200 ticket will be sold, great chance of winning. If you would like to purchase a ticket, please get in touch, contact details are on this page.

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